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JOI.CON: Joint Programme Management – Conferences and Training was selected by the European Commission as an ERASMUS Accompanying Measure in 2011. The 1-year project is coordinated by the University of Leipzig and supported by 5 European universities and 2 networks. It aims at training future coordinators of Joint Programmes in administrative processes involved in establishing such programmes. JOI.CON understands Joint Programmes as study programmes leading towards either a double or a joint degree.

JOI.CON is an offspring of the JOIMAN project. Therefore, the widely absorbed findings of JOIMAN shape the milestones of JOI.CON. Those milestones are two international conferences and an embedded training, more specifically a Joint Programme simulation. The first conference will take place on January 18th 2012, in Leipzig. It will give a detailed overview on the JOIMAN findings and the processes involved in establishing a Joint Programme. The conference will also mark the beginning of the training phase. Participants of the simulation will actively work on setting up a fictive Joint Programme in the period from January 17th 2012, until June 2012. They will present their results on the second JOI.CON conference in Bologna, June 12th and 13th . All findings will finally be published in a report.

Partners in JOI.CON
University of Leipzig (Coordinator)
University of Bologna (Coordinator of JOIMAN)
Graz University & Masaryk University (Leaders of the JP simulation, master)
University of Bergen & Lund University (Leaders of the JP simulation, doctorate)

Lille 1 University, University of Antwerp, Vilnius University (associated universities)
DAAD, Utrecht Network (associated networks)



Joiman is a Network financed by the European Commission in the period 2008-2010, under the the framework of LLP/Erasmus/structural network. The Network, coordinated by the University of Bologna and composed by partners with a relevant experience in the management of joint programmes, investigated on obstacles and challenges usually faced in the development and management of joint programmes at Master and Doctoral level.

In particular, JOIMAN Network investigated the following topics:

  • Application, Enrolment, Selection and Certification of students career
  • Financial sustainability of Joint Programmes
  • Governance/Organisation/Quality in Joint Programmes
  • Development and administration of Joint PHD Programmes
  • Development and administration of Joint Programmes with “non UE” and “non Bologna Process” institutions

After two years of activities, which included surveys, analysis and international conferences and seminars, the Network has produced a set of results to be shared with the Hegher Education Community at large, with the aim to support Institutions in overcoming administrative and management difficulties in the development and implementation of joint programmes


 Project Presentation Documents

05. JOIMAN Summary
04. JOIMAN Project Description
03. JOI.CON Poster
JOI.CON short presentation.pdf
02. JOI.CON Short Presentation
2012-03-07 JOI.CON leaflet final.pdf
01. JOI.CON Leaflet