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Conference and training

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Conference and training
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The milestones of the JOI.CON project are two international conferences and an embedded training, more specifically a Joint Programme simulation. The first conference will take place on January 18th 2012, in Leipzig. It will give a detailed overview on the JOIMAN findings and the processes involved in establishing a Joint Programme. The conference will also mark the beginning of the JOI.CON training phase. Participants of the JP simulation will actively work on setting up a fictive Joint Programme in the period from January 17th , 2012, until June 2012. In June 12th and 13th 2012, they will present their results on the second JOI.CON conference in Bologna.

Conference I, Leipzig – 18th January 2012

JOI.CON will start off with “teaching” JOIMAN results to conference participants. It shall ensure an equally shared base of knowledge. External experts will contribute to an enriching programme.

Degree simulation in teams (adjacent to conference I)

A pre-selected part of the receptive auditorium is required to become active. In small teams participants will develop their own (fictive) Joint Programme including all vital aspects. During the course of JOIMAN, reality often showed that theoretical assumptions were widely shared. Yet actual undertakings suddenly presented unexpected problems. Meeting the consequent needs of present and future coordinators, experienced JOI.CON team leaders guide the groups through the process of setting up a fictive Joint Programme. Several actual experiences will be included into this process to face and overcome existing challenges.


In the five months between the teams getting together in the days before and after the two JOI.CON conferences, interaction will take place through a virtual channel. An e-forum integrated into the JOIMAN webpage will enable teams to discuss their mutual project including the possibility of uploading and downloading documents.

Conference II & conclusion of degree simulation

The final presentation of results during a conference will, again, get participants updated in developments within Joint Programme management prior to the elaboration of the teams’ own findings. Training teams will have met in the pretext of the conference to finalise their projects and present their Fictive Programme to the audience while addressing problems they faced and solutions they arrived at. All results will be made available to the public in a report published at the end of the project. Degree simulation participants will be included with a short profile as contact persons on the JOIMAN homepage.


 Conference and training

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