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The Joiman Network (Joint Degree Management and Administration Network), composed by partners and people with relevant experience in the management of Joint Programmes, investigated obstacles and challenges usually faced by coordinators of Joint Programmes on Master and Doctoral level. After two years of activities, which included surveys, analyses, and international conferences and seminars, the Network has produced a set of results. These findings are shared with the Higher Education Community at large with the aim to support institutions in overcoming administrative and management difficulties in the development and implementation of Joint Programmes.

The success of the project was soon confirmed by massive interest and participation in JOIMAN events and constant references to its findings. The positive feedback and demand for practical solutions persuaded the network to start a second phase of the project, turning the JOIMAN results into an innovative training method.

This training method is realized in the JOI.CON project (Joint Programme Management – Conferences and Training). The offspring of JOIMAN aims at training present and future coordinators of Joint Programmes. Its milestones are two international conferences and an embedded training, more specifically a Joint Programme simulation. Therefore, the aim of the JOI.CON project is to exploit and disseminate findings of JOIMAN on a deeper level (and to train practical competences of present and future coordinators by leading them through the the Set-up of a fictive Joint Programmein a safe and supervised laboratory situation.


A new guide on Joint Programmes! "JDAZ: Joint Degrees from A to Z" 
by Francesco Girotti
 2/28/2015 3:39 PM

In search for a publication that presents an overview of all good practice in coordinating joint programmes? The recently published ‘Joint Programmes from A to Z. A reference guide for practitioners’...

Practical Approaches to the Management of Joint Programmes: results from the JOI.CON Training Project 
by Francesco Girotti
 12/21/2012 9:19 AM

The final results of the JOI.CON project are now available for download. The JOI.CON team thanks all trainees for their enduring motivation and great enthusiasm. Enjoy your reading!...

JOI.CON at EAIE in Dublin 
by Francesco Girotti
 9/5/2012 12:35 PM

The results of the successful EU Project JOIMAN : Joint Programme Management and Administration Network will be presented together with the findings of the follow up project JOI.CON : Joint Programme...

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In search for a publication that presents an overview of all good practice in coordinating joint programmes?
"JDAZ: Joint Programmes from A to Z". A reference guide for practitioners
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